CO2 as feedstock – CO2 based materials

Green Minerals

The manufacturing industry is producing more than ever before: concrete for, i.a., housing, plastics for a host of applications, and paper that is still frequently used in this digital world. Despite new measures, CO2 emissions by the manufacturing industries are still high, contributing to global warming.
Concrete, plastics, and paper are three examples of Green Minerals applications, in which CO2 is captured and sequestered in materials through mineralisation. In this process, CO2 is used as a resource that reacts with olivine: a rock-forming mineral that binds CO2. Green Minerals is a process which a factory can integrate within its current production process: capturing CO2 and add it to its resources, materials and products. A circular manufacturing process producing CO2-based materials.

In collaboration with: RWTH University AachenHeidelberg CementKenniscentrum Papier en Karton (KCPK), Brightlands Innovation Factory (BIF) en DELTA Concrete Consult