New Autonomous Light Sources + Light-driven Relays (valve) for Robots


Senlima explores and develops new, trendy concepts in the fields of chemicals and physics. Using smart materials, they create – in collaboration with the SME sector – sustainable innovations with a strong focus on technology. To this end, Senlima regularly challenges research institutes, and endorses experts’ opinions if they can bring about a real change. At the IE2018, Senlima will be presenting a new glow-in-the-dark light concept that can generate a glow even in situations without any natural or artificial light, such as in tunnels or enclosed spaces. Another concept to be presented at the expo involves a co-creation for a light-controlled relay (actuator). This small valve component is used for submerged entry applications in tank storage. Since it does not require electricity, the component could also be used – amid a mixture of explosive fumes – for remote-control robots, for example, in the in-service maintenance of ATEX0 environments in the port area, or of manure storage tanks with toxic gases.

In collaboration with: Jos Versluis, Geerdink

Twitter: @senlimabv