Yousef Yousef


Yousef Yousef is an entrepreneur who imbued innovation into the DNA of LG Sonic when he took over this loss-making company in 2011. He has shifted the company’s focus from selling products to developing water technology solutions for clients. This called for innovation. For example, the three man, one woman team embarked on the development of the MPC Buoy, a complete solution for monitoring waters and keeping them algae-free without chemicals or a negative impact on other underwater life. A project acknowledged by the European Commission for its high degree of innovation and supported by a grant. This marked the start of an R&D intensive water company that rapidly conquered the world. Meanwhile, the LG Sonic solutions are being implemented in more than 52 countries across the globe, in natural waters, in industry, and in waste water purification plants. Over the past four years, the company itself has seen an annual growth of some 40 per cent, in terms of both turnover and staff numbers. Yousef is increasingly involved in other innovation projects and technological start-ups.