Under the auspices of day chair Ms Pauline de Wilde, three keynote sessions will be held on 4 October. Innovations will be examined from all possible perspectives, from idea to practical development, upscaling, and impact on society. Keynote sessions 1 and 2 will be conducted in English, keynote session 3 will be in Dutch. The first keynote session will kick off with the official opening of the day. Each session will feature an interview with a Cabinet member and presentations by authoritative keynote speakers. The keynote sessions constitute a coherent triptych.

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Moderator | Pauline de Wilde

Pauline de Wilde

Anchor-woman Pauline de Wilde is the day chair. She started her television career at the end of the 1990s in Seattle, USA, where she made the move from Economics graduate (University of Amsterdam) to actress. As an anchor-woman, she has mainly made her name with the RTLZ business shows Ondernemerszaken, Duurzaam Ondernemen, and Lokaal Duurzaam. In these shows, Pauline hosts entrepreneurs to discuss various topics such as social media, IT, security, E-invoices, and writing a business plan for a new company.

Pauline knows perfectly how to combine her economics background with a stage presence. As day chair, Pauline is known for the charming and concrete way in which she conveys substantively tough topics. She delivers high-level quality and does so with her personal flair. Pauline weighs in, is flexible, and always prepared to perfection. Since she is guided by her feelings, she always manages to create the right atmosphere and, if need be, she knows how to move the audience. She renders substantive themes accessible to a wide audience and ensures that her message is conveyed and sinks in.

Keynote session 1. Innovation in Society (English)
10.00 – 11.10 hrs.

Following a spectacular musical introduction by Codarts, Ms Kajsa Ollongren (Dutch Vice Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) will open the day. She will explain the transitions we are facing at the national and global levels, and the opportunities that the Netherlands offers. Subsequently, Ms Louise Fresco (Chair of the Board of Wageningen University) will address the impact that innovations have on our society. In conclusion, Mr Peter Hinssen – one of the most popular visionaries in the field of radical innovation, leadership, and the impact of everything digital – will present his views of “the day after tomorrow”.

Keynote | Kajsa Ollongren

Kajsa Ollongren
Dutch Vice Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

Kajsa Ollongren began her career at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. She became the Director of the European Integration and Strategy Department  in 2001 and Deputy Director-General for Economic Policy in 2005.  Ms Ollongren was appointed Deputy Secretary-General at the Ministry of General Affairs in 2007 and Secretary-General in 2011.

In 2014 Ms Ollongren became deputy mayor of Amsterdam and a member of the municipal executive for Democrats ’66 (D66) with responsibility for economic affairs,  Schiphol airport, the Port of Amsterdam, monuments, culture and the arts, local media, municipal shareholdings and the city centre.

On 26 October 2017 Kajsa Ollongren was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations in the third Rutte government.

Keynote | Louise O. Fresco

Louise O. Fresco

Prof. Dr Louise O. Fresco, agricultural and food expert, was appointed Chair of the Governing Board of Wageningen University & Research Centre on 1 July 2014.

In 1986, Louise O. Fresco obtained her doctorate with distinction in the field of cultivation of tropical plants and production systems at Wageningen University.

From January 2000 until May 2006, she held the position of Assistant Director-General at the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) in Rome; in this capacity, she was responsible for technological matters relating to agricultural production and, later on, food supply as well.

From June 2006 until July 2014, Louise Fresco held a chair at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on the principles of sustainable development from an international perspective.

In addition to a range of memberships of scientific academia, Louise Fresco has also held various top positions within the business community (Rabobank, Unilever), has sat on Advisory Councils (SER, Delta Commission, The Hague Institute for Social Justice), and chaired the European Commission FP7 evaluation committee.

She is actively involved on several boards (Royal Concertgebouw, Dutch National Opera & Ballet, De Gids literary periodical), and is a columnist (NRC newspaper), and author of novels and essays.

Keynote | Peter Hinssen

Peter Hinssen

A serial entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker and author, Peter is one of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things digital on society and business. He lectures at various business schools such as the London Business School (UK) and MIT in Boston. Peter has founded nexxworks to help organizations become fluid, to innovate and thrive in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

Keynote session 2: Innovation in Action (English)
14.00 – 15.10 hrs.

Ms Stientje van Veldhoven (Dutch State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management) will take you on a tour of sustainable innovations that have successfully been implemented in actual practice and that, furthermore, are well suited for upscaling. Successful innovator Yousef Yousef will give a brief masterclass in successful entrepreneurship. A must-attend for all start-ups! Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam will explain how the city – with its distinctive no-nonsense approach – manages to lead the way in urban transitions. And moreover, Rotterdam has managed to convert the climate challenges to opportunities for its major social tasking. You are in for a pleasant surprise! In conclusion, Mr Allard Castelein (CEO of the Rotterdam Port Authority) will show you how collaboration is making the Port of Rotterdam increasingly smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. Innovators are hereby invited to help build the port of the future.

Keynote | Stientje van Veldhoven

Stientje van Veldhoven

Stientje van Veldhoven began her career in 1997 as personal assistant to Elly Plooij van Gorsel, a member of the European Parliament for the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). From 1999 to 2003 she served as an innovation policy officer at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. From 2003 she worked at the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands to the European Union as first secretary for research policy and as scientific and technological attaché. In 2007 Ms Van Veldhoven became a policy advisor at the European Commission, focusing on the coordination of intergovernmental initiatives. From 2009 to 2010 she was unit coordinator for the Zuidvleugel Randstad region at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

On 17 June 2010 Ms Van Veldhoven became a member of the House of Representatives for Democrats ’66 (D66), with policy responsibility for issues including sustainability, mobility, climate and energy, development cooperation, and agriculture, nature and food quality. From 2012 to 2017 she served as a member of the presidium and secretary to the D66 parliamentary party.

On 26 October 2017 Stientje van Veldhoven was appointed State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management in the third Rutte government.

Keynote | Yousef Yousef

Yousef Yousef

Yousef Yousef is an entrepreneur who imbued innovation into the DNA of LG Sonic when he took over this loss-making company in 2011. He has shifted the company’s focus from selling products to developing water technology solutions for clients. This called for innovation. For example, the three man, one woman team embarked on the development of the MPC Buoy, a complete solution for monitoring waters and keeping them algae-free without chemicals or a negative impact on other underwater life. A project acknowledged by the European Commission for its high degree of innovation and supported by a grant. This marked the start of an R&D intensive water company that rapidly conquered the world. Meanwhile, the LG Sonic solutions are being implemented in more than 52 countries across the globe, in natural waters, in industry, and in waste water purification plants. Over the past four years, the company itself has seen an annual growth of some 40 per cent, in terms of both turnover and staff numbers. Yousef is increasingly involved in other innovation projects and technological start-ups.

Keynote | Ahmed Aboutaleb

Ahmed Aboutaleb

Ahmed Aboutaleb was appointed as Mayor of Rotterdam on 5 January 2009.

Before that, he held the positions of State Secretary of Social Affairs and Employment (2007-2008) and Alderman of the City of Amsterdam (2004-2007). At age fifteen, Mr Aboutaleb arrived in the Netherlands, together with his mother and brothers, to join his father. The family lived in The Hague, where he successively completed junior secondary technical school, senior secondary technical school, and higher technical education. He graduated in 1987, specialising in telecommunications.

Mayor Aboutaleb is a firm champion of the values embedded in the Dutch Constitution: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the principles of non-discrimination. He regards the acquisition of Dutch nationality as a commitment to respect and propagate these values, and to help build the we-society. The more that people participate in this society, the stronger and more resilient it will be, for better or for worse. He regularly goes into town to meet with residents and discuss issues at play in their districts.

Keynote | Allard Castelein

Allard Castelein

After completing medical school, Allard Castelein (1958) started his career at Royal Dutch Shell, where he held various national and international positions. His last position was that of Director of Environmental Affairs for Shell worldwide. On 1 January 2014, he was appointed as CEO of the Rotterdam Port Authority, a position in which he is making a case for the energy transition and digitalisation in the port area.

Keynote session 3: From Innovation to Impact (Dutch)
16.00 – 17.10 hrs.

Under the auspices of day chair Ms Pauline de Wilde, a panel will discuss how we can collectively proceed from innovation to impact. Permanent panel members are Ms Manon Janssen (standard bearer of the Energy Top Sector), Mr Arnold Stokking (Director of Industrial Innovation, TNO), sustainable entrepreneur Ms Anne-Marie Rakhorst, and Peter Hinssen (radical innovations visionary). The panel will be joined by other guests, among whom are several Innovation Expo2018 exhibitors. Subsequently, Ms Mona Keijzer (State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy) will reflect on the outcomes of the panel discussion and show what has been planned for after 4 October… entirely in line with our innovation relay concept.

Keynote | Mona Keijzer

Mona Keijzer

Mona Keijzer began her career in January 1991 as a legal policy officer serving the municipality of Waterland. From 1993 to 1994 she was a management trainee at Leiden University. She then held legal positions at the Gelderland Environment Inspectorate and the municipality of Almere.

In 1998 Ms Keijzer became a member of the municipal executive and deputy mayor of the municipality of Waterland. In 2006 she began working as a lawyer and certified mediator at the law firm Abma Schreurs Advocaten en Notarissen in Purmerend. In 2007 she became a member of the Purmerend municipal executive.

In 2012 Ms Keijzer became a member of parliament for the Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA), with policy responsibility for chronic care for older and disabled people, and later became spokesperson for hospital care and asylum, migration and integration policy.

On 26 October 2017 Mona Keijzer was appointed State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy in the third Rutte government.

Keynote | Manon Janssen

Manon Janssen

Manon Janssen has earned a degree in Commercial Engineering at the Vrije Universiteit van Brussel/Solvay Business School. She started off her career at Procter & Gamble’s, bearing responsibility for large brands in various countries for sixteen years.

In 2000, she was appointed as Vice President of Marketing & Innovation at Electrolux Europe, and in 2005 she took up the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Philips Lighting. From May 2010 to May 2015, Manon Janssen served as CEO and delegated administrator to the Ecofys Group, a leading firm of consultants in the fields of energy and the climate.

In September 2015, she took up office as CEO and Chair of the Board of Management of Ecorys, an international policy agency that assists private and public leaders in making well-founded choices with respect to social, spatial, and economic issues. In addition, Manon Janssen is Chair of the Energy Top Sector (NL) and sits on several committees of experts in the field of energy transition.

In October 2004, the Belgian Marketing Foundation honoured her with the lifelong title of “Master Marketeer”. This makes her one of the 40 people carrying this title.

Keynote | Arnold Stokking

Arnold Stokking

Arnold Stokking has built a corporate career at Philips. He specialises in new business developments involving high-tech equipment and products manufactured by Philips, such as medical equipment, digital cameras, DVD and BluRay products as well as professional television applications.
Arnold has lived and worked in four countries outside the Netherlands: Morocco, Kazakhstan, Japan, and the Czech Republic. One of Arnold’s special competences is building cooperation and alliances; he has headed the Corporate Philips Alliance office.

In 2009, Arnold transferred from Philips to TNO, where he assumed responsibility for applied research in the TNO Industry division. In this capacity, he is involved in the High-Tech Systems and Materials Top Sector, Chemistry, Space and Science Instrumentation, and the IT industry divisions.

Alongside his position at TNO, Arnold sits on the board of the Brainport Development Foundation and on the Steering Committee of the Smart Industry Initiative.

Keynote | Anne-Marie Rakhorst

Anne-Marie Rakhorst

Anne-Marie is an entrepreneur, investor and publicist in the field of sustainability. She is the owner and initiator of the independent platform and of ’17 doelen die je deelt’ (the 17 goals you share), an initiative that introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to the people of the Netherlands. Before that, Anne-Marie started up the successful company Search Ingenieursbureau.

In past years she has published various books, such as Geld stuurt de wereld; jij bepaalt de koers (translation: Money rules the world; you determine the direction), a quest on our way to sustainable investing. She gives lectures on a regular basis and is asked for her opinion in the media regarding (circular) entrepreneurship, the Sustainable Development Goals, and sustainable investing. Anne-Marie is actively engaged on different boards and initiatives such as the Koning Willem I award, the Human Cities Coalition, Consumer Goods Transition Agenda (circular economy), SDG Charter, MVO Nederland, and Slum Dwellers International.

Keynote | Peter Hinssen

Peter Hinssen

A serial entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker and author, Peter is one of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things digital on society and business. He lectures at various business schools such as the London Business School (UK) and MIT in Boston. Peter has founded nexxworks to help organizations become fluid, to innovate and thrive in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.